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Lyre with Wings

Date Posted: July 25th, 2017, 8:51 pm
I haven't updated in so long lol

Author Notes

A thing I did at a friend's house with their pencils.


Eyyyyy good job! This is gorgeous!
I sense liiiinnneee tappeeerrrinngggg
Seriously amazing soft shading ya gotta teach me :3
Lol I spy with my little eye Washington, California, Oregon, B.C, Nunavut, India, Nepal, China, Bhutan and Sri Lanka in the background and the Pacific and Indian Oceans XD
@WildfireK: GASPU
I like geography
Lol is that an atlas?
I'm talking outside of the drawing XD
@WildfireK: Lol that's the placemat
Lol I would drool over that placemat
I would probs just take my fork and probs trace out the outline of Estonia instead of eating XD
(Not really but you have to admit it'd be funny)
@WildfireK: Tru
Then I'd spit out all the state capitals at 500 spm (Lol jk I can't do that)
@WildfireK: Lolz
@LightEclipse: That means I would have to say "Jefferson City Sacramento" in a second
Oh wait I can actually do that but not all 50 in a row that's too hard

You do know I'm just talking about nothing in order to have a conversation with u right?
@WildfireK: Yesh
This convo is comforting
But you should go read dat page I posted
Lol I already did and commented on it XD
@WildfireK: Lol
Lol Rin what program do you use
@WildfireK: Medibang
Then I have so many layers I fuse them all together
Lol sameeeeeeee XD
(Use gradients I implore you)
In fact I will make a tutorial for youuuu
@WildfireK: (i tried using gradients once
it didnt work)
My gradients fill up the whole page doe
I am posting the tutorial now - it shows how to make it not fill up the whole page :3

I knowwwwww riiggghhhtttt
*head implodes*
*Self-esteem implodes

Like seriously everyone is soo good howw
@WildfireK: my self esteem is nonexistent
Well now so is mine
Yaaay buddies
@WildfireK: r.i.p.
Rayfi is pink?
@WildfireK: no

Righteousness isn't peaceful
@WildfireK: Rianne investigates people
Rubystar is perfect
@WildfireK: Ringie instigates prettymucheverybody
Rarepaw is probably really into peanutbutter
@WildfireK: Riley ish pitiful
RAB is poignant

RAB is Regional at Best
@WildfireK: Rykir imitates President
@WiispNightmare: "WiispNightmare and 17 other people commented on Lyre with Wings on Light's Art Storage." Lol
Make that 18
@LightEclipse: if you want us to stop we won't be offended, we've been known to have reeeeally long chats
Lol yeaaaahhhhhhhh
*awkward cough
@WildfireK: *thinks of Lynxstar's Tyranny*
Our conversations are LONGER than Lynxstar's Tyranny XD
@WildfireK: Yyyyep.