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Eon's Stream

Date Posted: April 14th, 2018, 5:32 pm

Author Notes

How do you feel about this Wifi
@LightEclipse: Shad then said
Oh wait
I take that back XDD


@LightEclipse: ohwow-
show them what i said afterwards at least XD
I REALLY hate streams now
@WildfireK: you've always REALLY hated streams tho
Kill it with fire
@WildfireK: *readies flamethrower*
Is that even legal
@WildfireK: do i look like i give a shit
Doesn't look like you've given one

Or taken one in months
@WildfireK: how the hell would you know lmao

You look like you're permanently constipated
@WildfireK: you don't know what i look like tho
so eeeeehhh
You act like it too
@WildfireK: That's rude XDD
What is? Your mom?
@WildfireK: No yours XDD

That's such an old joke lmao
Your mom is an old joke XD

These jokes are so old even your mom wouldn’t recognize them

That was really good
(The surface joke wasn't but the implied joke about us having the same mom is XD)